Dft Recent Enhanced DBS Changes for the taxi/ph trade - July 2020

The following information is not official  but merely advice that I am giving the trade taken from our conversation. At some point when the council has more information on what procedure needs to be taken up then this will be sent to the trade.

Firstly as I have mentioned before.. this is all new to the council and indeed every other council so nothing has been put in place as yet.

However the drivers/proprietors need to be proactive on this and put things into place.

If you already subscribe the ‘DBS Update Service’ then you do not need to do anything else at the moment.

If you are due a DBS check then you will still need to use the third-party company GBG to carry out the check which will involve going to the post office.

This will cost £55. Please note that this is actually a discounted rate for a DBS check via a third-party where other council use different agents at a higher cost.

As soon as you receive your certificate you should be proactive and sign up for the ‘DBS Update Service’ within four weeks because the only way to sign up is to have the reference number of that recently issued DBS certificate

See the Update Service Here

This will cost you £13 per year.

So even though you would have paid the £55 you will need to pay the £13 to get onto the system.

If you do not do this then when the six monthly checks come into place then it looks like you will to pay £55 each time.

This is why I urge the trade to be proactive...

If you have recently had a DBS check within the last four weeks then I urge you to sign up now


Where it asks for the 'Reference' change this to 'Use my certificate instead'

Additionally it may be the case that conditions of licensing will be that all drivers/proprietors will have to sign up to the ‘DBS Update Service’

Non- Licensed Drivers but named on the licence

Just a reminder that all persons named on the vehicle licence but not licensed as driver are now having to undergo a basic DBS check and will now be included in the six monthly check as and when it is implemented. This means if your wife.. son... daughter etc is named on the licence then they will have to undergo a basic DBS check. It is not currently known if this is every six months.

Taxi Licensing will be formulationg official instructions at some point

Septemeber 2020
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